Educational programs for companies


Developed, tried and tested for the private bank LGT.

And this is why it is a unique offer for many other companies and entrepreneurial families. Because strengthening the individual means strengthening the company. And is therefore crucial for its sustainably successful future.

To understand this program, you must experience it.

Personality and cultural development are terms that only approximate what the Liechtenstein Academy has to offer with the LGT-Curriculum. It is about personal success, self-reflection, behavior in social systems and focusing on the complexity of the world around us.

Together with top experts, the Liechtenstein Academy has developed a career-accompanying program on these topics over the years, which has been continuously improved, extended and become a balanced and tried-and-tested whole. As a curriculum, it can be individually adapted on request and offered in partial modules or as a whole for companies and entrepreneurial families with a vision.

Currently only for

  • Employees of the LGT

What you will learn

  • Understanding yourself as a person.
  • Your behavior in social systems.
  • Strengthening your personality.
  • Dealing with uncertainties and challenges.
  • Sustainable performance.
« Further education is the key to a successful career. As a company that operates sustainably, it is our goal to support our employees in their professional and personal development. In this endeavor, the Liechtenstein Academy Foundation is an important partner for us. »
Matthias Oberholzer
Global Head Human Resources – LGT Private Banking
Member of the board of trustees of the Liechtenstein Academy Foundation

When looking to the future, do not leave culture to chance.

The private bank LGT maintains a sustainable corporate culture that is consistently measured against the well-being of its employees. Employee turnover is correspondingly low.

If the community is good, the willingness to perform is great. Satisfied employees who work independently and who follow their individual strengths are more satisfied, manage the balancing act between work and private life and make every company more competitive.

If a similar curriculum could also be of interest to your company, arrange a non-binding, free appointment with us.

LGT Curriculum



Schloss Freudenfels
1 week

Be.YourselfThe key to your personal success.

This one-week seminar forms the foundation for all others. It is available in German and English. Experts support you in building a higher sense of responsibility and self-ownership.

What you will learn.

  • Accessing your own potential.
  • Ways for long-term mental and physical fitness.
  • Recognizing individual behavior patterns.
  • How to align your own needs with those of your environment.
  • Open-minded view of your own behavioral patterns.
  • Methods to sustainably improve motivation, creativity, performance and mental strength

Schloss Freudenfels
2 weeks
plus 1 week switching sides

Understand.­YourselfPersonality as the key to success.

Consolidation of the understanding of oneself. Our experts prepare the content on a scientifically sound basis and convey it practically. The one-week change of sides in a social institution, in which the aim is to deal with new and unfamiliar realities of life and to try out what has been learned in practice, is an integrated but voluntary part of this program.


Schloss Freudenfels
2 weeks in 2 years

Understand.­ContextUnderstanding personal behavior in social systems.

This seminar focuses on the interplay between personality and immediate environment. Participants learn to apply their own strengths, questioning common decision- and thought patterns, sharpening their communicative skills and reflect on topics such as meaning, well-being, and happiness in a personal context. In a simulation with horses, the participants receive neutral feedback to what they learned.


Schloss Freudenfels
1 week

Manage.ComplexityFocus on the complexity of the world surrounding us.

Complexity is one of the central challenges of our time. Participants gain a better understanding of themselves and their environment. In addition, they develop new skills to deal with uncertainties and challenges and react more efficiently when facing unforeseen events.


Schloss Freudenfels
3 days

Drive.­PerformanceSustainable performance thanks to mental and physical strength.

This seminar focuses on sustainable high performance and sets the following goal: approaching challenges with joy and mental and physical strength.

Participants assert their own position, question their habits, learn new strategies and develop a personal “to be vision”. In the first practical phase, participants are supported with various tools.


Schloss Freudenfels
1 week

Next4MeActively shaping one's own professional and private future.

An offer for employees between 55 - 60 years. In this seminar, participants examine their various areas of life and find out what they want to devote how much energy to. They look at their existing skills and resources, which they have built up over the past decades in order to master difficult situations in the future. With the help of the insights gained, they develop measures that help them to realize their ideas and achieve their goals. Further topics on body, exercise and nutrition as well as an active and inspiring social program round off the seminar week.

More about Next4Me.


Schloss Freudenfels
2 days

Drive4­ImpactAll aspects of sustainability.

In this seminar, experts from science and practice convey sustainability in all its facets. The participants also get to know entrepreneurs from various industries who understand sustainability as the core of their corporate strategy. They are part of the “LGT Education Roadmap” for relationship managers.

More about Drive4Impact.

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Schloss Freudenfels. 

The perfect retreat to pause – and get ahead.

This program mostly takes place on Schloss Freudenfels, the campus of the Liechtenstein Academy. Ambience, tranquility, untouched nature high above Lake Constance, the modern infrastructure and a 4-star hotel ensure an inspiring stay and concentration.


The campus lies in the middle of nature. Yet it is easily reached from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany.


With its 4-star hotel, this is the ideal place to work on new ideas and concepts and to grow professionally and as a person.

Made for learning.

The campus has the equipment you would expect from a highly modern institution of learning.

Mind, body and nature.

The Liechtenstein Academy pursues a holistic approach, centered around human beings as a whole.

Encounters and exchanges.

Unforgettable experiences create a sense of community and lasting friendships.



We are here for you.