Your best future, actively shaped.

How to manage your resources and abilities more effectively to make important areas of your life more fulfilling.

The goal

Harsh but true: We are all no longer 25. Accordingly, it is important to be mindful of how we allocate our resources. In this seminar, you will delve deeply into the question of which areas of your life you want to invest energy in and which ones may be better to let go of. This process is highly individual, taking into account your personal history and abilities. It marks the beginning of an empowering journey, creating a solid foundation for your personal and fulfilling professional and private future.

Who participates

  • Employees of LGT aged 55 and above

You’ll take away

  • Reflection on and awareness of your own resources and abilities.
  • Means and methods to stay mentally and physically fit.
  • Positive attitude towards change.
  • Conscious energy management for personal life and spheres of influence.
  • The ability to set realistic goals.
  • A clearer vision of one’s professional and personal future.
« The personal development of our employees at all stages of their lives is crucial to LGT's success in the face of future challenges. »
Dr. André Lagger
CEO LGT Financial Services,
Member of the Board of Trustees of the Liechtenstein Academy


Exercise & Nutrition.

Module 1

Exercise & Nutrition.Focus on long-term well-being.

We cover the fundamentals of personal nutrition, "inflammaging" (a phenomenon of chronic low-grade inflammation), conscious energy management, and the influence of sleep and regeneration.

Through individual testing at the beginning, you gain insights into your current physical condition. Through practical examples and exercises, you will learn strategies to not only maintain but also improve it.

How I Became What I Am.

Module 2

How I Became What I Am.Inspiration and confidence for what lies ahead.

Highs and lows are part of life. Above all, crises have filled your "toolbox" with strengths, competencies, abilities, skills, and resources that help you confidently navigate difficult life situations today. This module looks back appreciatively and provides you with inspiration and confidence for the upcoming phase of life.

How I Lead Myself.

Module 3

How I Lead Myself.Self-assessment and the ability to shape a desirable future.

You have matured. You have made significant progress, gained experiences, and are entering a phase of life where you can now reap the "fruits of life." Counterintuitively, this is also the right time to let go of habits that may have become dear but also mundane, in order to make space for significant future changes in your life.

This module provides you with tools for personal self-assessment and creative design for desirable personal growth.

How I Want to Approach the Future.

Module 4

How I Want to Approach the Future.Active shaping of your significant life themes.

Your future is not a coincidence. With your attitude, focus, and decisions, you play a significant role in shaping it. In this module, we bring together everything you have learned about yourself so far and sharpen your awareness of the significant life themes where you want to invest more energy in the future—and where you want to invest less. We utilize a combination of psychological insights, individual self-reflection, and group resonance.

And because knowledge without action is wasted energy, we then guide you through a creative design process to derive concrete plans for the short and medium term future.

My Future in Pictures.

Module 5

My Future in Pictures.Literally: You create your (future) picture.

"As a picture is worth a thousand words," goes the well-known saying. Images evoke emotions, thoughts, memories, and ideas, more swiftly and directly than many other forms of communication. We harness this power positively. In this module, your picture is created, combining the insights, experiences, desires, and goals of the seminar. The picture that evokes positive memories for you, provides guidance, and sets the focus for your future journey.

Conducted by these



Schloss Freudenfels.

The ideal retreat to pause—and move forward.

This seminar takes place at our campus Schloss Freudenfels. The ambiance, tranquility, untouched nature high above Lake Constance, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and 4-star hotel accommodations guarantee an inspiring stay and focus.


The campus lies in the middle of nature. Yet it is easily reached from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany.


With its 4-star hotel, this is the ideal place to work on new ideas and concepts and to grow professionally and as a person.

Made for learning.

The campus has the equipment you would expect from a highly modern institution of learning.

Mind, body and nature.

The Liechtenstein Academy pursues a holistic approach, centered around human beings as a whole.

Encounters and exchanges.

Unforgettable experiences create a sense of community and lasting friendships.



I am here for you.