Thinking and acting across generations.

Sustainability has always been a focus for the Liechtenstein family. As we all know, we are facing major economic, social and ecological challenges. In order to meet these challenges, changes are necessary on an individual and corporate level. Accordingly, the topic of sustainability is of central importance to the LGT.


The Seminar is designed to inspire you and deepen your knowledge of the challenges of our time. To do so, we merge global facts and figures (climate change, biodiversity loss etc.) with successful business cases and solutions. To build this bridge, entrepreneurs will be on site, representing a wide variety of industries. You will hear firsthand about sustainable business management and you can ask your questions directly to decision-makers and scientists.

Who participates

  • Relationship Managers of the LGT

What you will learn

  • Changing perspective.
  • Global perspectives and trends.
  • Transformation processes, innovation insights.
  • Success factors of the circular economy.
  • Possible courses of action in climate change.


The Great Transformation.

Castle Freudenfels
Day 1

The Great Transformation.Changing perspectives, global perspectives & opportunities.

We can all agree that we are facing major challenges on several levels. Our world is at a turning point and we feel it. Significant changes in demography, ecology, economics, technology, politics and culture are on the horizon, and their implications depend heavily on how the areas interact and who influences all the changes and in what ways. 

Even before the pandemic, a clear need for action in the direction of sustainability had been formulated, and the origins, as well as effects, clearly show why the question of good management belongs at the centre of this. We want to understand the current debates on this for ourselves, LGT and our clients and develop strategies.

Where do we stand? What macro trends and disruptions can we expect in the coming years and why? How do we address them? A wide variety of food for thought - exciting perspectives and very practical examples - provide space for our own reflections. We explore our potential and the contribution of each individual by asking questions together, networking and focusing on self-efficacy, sharing knowledge consciously and creating the picture of a successful future together.

Reinventing Business.

Reinventing Business.Inspiring hands-on experience, told by entrepreneurs.

We see them more often: successful examples for sustainable transformation that invigorate and encourage.

Entrepreneurs from various industries share their motivations, experiences and answer our questions. We learn how they see themselves, their success factors and existing challenges.

Circular Economy.

Castle Freudenfels
Day 2

Circular Economy.The global economy reinvents itself.

Inclusive Capitalism, Stakeholder Capitalism, Regenerative Economy – the sustainable path leads from linear to circular economy. We look at a regional example, the climate neutral circular economy as a goal of the EU until 2050. Across sectors, the New Plastics Economy shows a new systemic path for industry, politics and financial world. How do we capture these phenomenons in our daily lives?

Rewiring the Business.

Rewiring the Business.Circular economy & cradle to cradle.

Where and how is the new circular economy becoming a reality? Are you already invested? Using an outstanding company example, we want to gain insight into systemic implementation.

Questions to the practice enable us to grasp the complexity of the challenge and to see what is feasible. New collaborations and structural shifts between market participants can be seen. It is a look at changing markets, the innovation needs and the investments that are required.

Climate Protection.

Climate Protection.Hype or investment for the future?

Climate change is gripping everything with unleashed energy. It is the great parenthesis for politics and economics and CO₂ its new economic entity to which everything relates. A new manual for the future is needed, but can we read and use it?

With the help of the expert, we clarify for ourselves: what do we need to know as a minimum, where do we stand and what options for action do we have? Space also for all climate sceptics and inquiries about climate change and its aspects.

What’s my Contribution?

Reflection workshop

What’s my Contribution?What can we do, what can you do?

The trend is your friend: In a final reflection, we look again at the overall contexts we have worked on and what we want to do for ourselves and our customers. 

The arc to the LGT’s strategic focus on sustainability closes. Together we work out which argumentation is helpful to consciously make potentials and opportunities in the sustainability topic visible, we select the useful models and once again address hidden biases and assumptions.

In the end, everyone’s attitude and conscious approach to the challenges of sustainability will take center stage. We invite participants to share their personal motivation and thoughts. For our time after the Academy, we record which impulses we would like to see for further development.


Schloss Freudenfels. 

The perfect retreat to pause – and get ahead.

This seminar takes place on Schloss Freudenfels, the campus of the Liechtenstein Academy. Ambience, tranquility, untouched nature high above Lake Constance, the modern infrastructure and a 4-star hotel ensure an inspiring stay and concentration.


The campus lies in the middle of nature. Yet it is easily reached from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany.


With its 4-star hotel, this is the ideal place to work on new ideas and concepts and to grow professionally and as a person.

Made for learning.

The campus has the equipment you would expect from a highly modern institution of learning.

Mind, body and nature.

The Liechtenstein Academy pursues a holistic approach, centered around human beings as a whole.

Encounters and exchanges.

Unforgettable experiences create a sense of community and lasting friendships.



I am here for you.