Leading Transformation

Change fundamentally, while acting competently.

Transformation in the context of companies and societal change.

The goal

Change: so necessary, so challenging and difficult. Few things generate as much resistance—sometimes rational, but mostly irrational. This training equips you as a leader to properly apply and successfully carry out transformation in the context of companies and societal change. It recognizes it as what it is: a complex, delicate dance of leadership and organization with a focus on individual transformation support that is engaging and effective.

Who participates

  • CEOs
  • Executives
  • Divisional Managers
  • Managing Partner
  • CHROs
  • Consultants for companies

You’ll take away

  • The importance of authentic and inspiring leadership.
  • Critical impulses for orientation and clarity.
  • How to turn mistakes into opportunities.
  • Adjustments without losing sight of the goal.
  • Transparent communication of impulses at all levels of leadership.
  • Dynamics in the transformation process.
  • Achieving sustainable impact.
« Crises change the parameters of entrepreneurial action. In companies themselves and their environment. Fundamental change affects both leaders and the organization. »
Lorenz Freudenberg
Lecturer and program manager

In collaboration with undconsorten.

This seminar is conducted by the Liechtenstein Academy in collaboration with the renowned management, organizational, and transformation consulting firm undconsorten



Introductory Session (free).

Online session

Introductory Session (free).Your task as a leader during the transformation.

Our introductory offer: a first 90-minute online session, free of charge and without obligation. We provide you with an analysis of your leadership as well as the organizational challenges you need to address. It is free but not without value for you, as it offers you a competent external perspective and helps you reflect, identify opportunities, and decide on further participation.

Preparatory Interviews.

Online session

Preparatory Interviews.Discussion of your individual (leadership) challenges.

After gaining a first impression in the trial kick-off, the focus now shifts to illuminating and understanding your specific challenges. This step is crucial for further implementation.


Schloss Freudenfels
1,5 days 

Ambition.What the transformation requires from you and your company.

Our joint start of the transformation support. Including an overview of different forms of transformation: from evolution to radical restructuring.

We mainly focus on (in the context of)


The expectations of the organization and different stakeholders. The framework conditions that are needed and how to create them.


Your role as a leader in the transformation. The expectations you should have of yourself and how to manage the challenges and tensions.

Virtual Reflection in Small Groups.

Online session

Virtual Reflection in Small Groups.Discussion of your individual (leadership) challenges.

How to effectively meet the needs of stakeholders (owners, supervisory boards, executive management, leadership team, employees, etc.) as a leader in times of uncertainty.


Online session

Leadership.What changes you should initiate within yourself to drive the transformation forward.

Often overlooked yet crucial: Authenticity and optimism. We explore how you can maintain authenticity and optimism as a leader during the transformation process. We also help you understand your personal perspective on the transformation, including doubts, concerns, and needs.

Accompanying Individual Reflection.

Online session

Accompanying Individual Reflection.

Focus: What are your experiences so far? How are you doing? What aspects have you missed so far? What would you like to explore and delve into further? What are your expectations of the other participants and the experts for the further course? What are your concrete contributions to the group in the second workshop?


Online session

Organization.How the organization needs to operate to meet the demand for change.

Everything relevant about success factors, tools, and methods:

This individual readiness for change is essential as a foundation for organizational change. These are success factors for change architectures. With these tools and methods, you can initiate changes at both the individual and organizational levels.

Virtual Reflection in Small Groups.

Online session

Virtual Reflection in Small Groups.Application of change tools.

What have you successfully implemented? What collaborators do you need? What have you learned? What didn't work and why?


Schloss Freudenfels
1,5 days

Culture.How to strengthen the corporate culture during the transformation.

Focus on the interaction between leadership and organization: Impulses for the sustainable development of corporate cultures in the context of transformations.

In the context of:


Status and outlook. How does the corporate culture currently influence the transformation? Where do you stand now? What new behaviors can positively change the culture in the future and secure the transformation?


Areas of action and next steps. What do you as a leader need to do and demonstrate to drive and support the transformation?

Individual Reflection.

Final online session

Individual Reflection.Offer of an individual reflection.

(Virtual or in-person) 4 weeks after the completion of the program.

Conducted by these



Schloss Freudenfels.

The ideal retreat to pause—and move forward.

This seminar takes place at our campus Schloss Freudenfels. The ambiance, tranquility, untouched nature high above Lake Constance, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and 4-star hotel accommodations guarantee an inspiring stay and focus.


The campus lies in the middle of nature. Yet it is easily reached from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany.


With its 4-star hotel, this is the ideal place to work on new ideas and concepts and to grow professionally and as a person.

Made for learning.

The campus has the equipment you would expect from a highly modern institution of learning.

Mind, body and nature.

The Liechtenstein Academy pursues a holistic approach, centered around human beings as a whole.

Encounters and exchanges.

Unforgettable experiences create a sense of community and lasting friendships.

Leading transformation


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