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Schloss Freudenfels
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The goal

Master the balancing act between professional and family challenges and your well-being. This seminar provides relevant fundamentals and techniques from positive psychology as well as nutrition and sports. In this way, tailored to your situation and personality, you achieve greater personal responsibility and self-determination.

Who participates

  • Executives and specialists from business, politics, and the public sector.
  • Professionals from social and charitable organizations.

You’ll take away

  • Techniques for reliably accessing your own potential.
  • Ways to maintain long-term mental and physical fitness.
  • Recognizing and, if necessary, changing your individual behavior patterns.
  • Aligning your own needs with those of your environment.
  • Methods to sustainably improve your motivation, creativity, work performance, and mental strength.
« I work in an intercultural environment where I permanently reflect on myself and my behavior. The seminar of the Liechtenstein Academy at Freudenfels Castle helped me to strengthen this ability: with enough time, space and food for thought from different perspectives. » 
Gabriela Schafroth
Head Client & Partner Relationships 
Swisscontact, Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation


Shared Morning Activity.

Every morning before breakfast.

Shared Morning Activity.
Exercise & Nutrition.

Module 1

Exercise & Nutrition.Focus on health.

A stressful daily routine often forces you into seemingly unavoidable patterns that affect your well-being and performance. This module addresses knowledge gaps regarding the relationship between stress and nutrition, as well as the consequences of a lack of exercise. It helps you recognize and change harmful behavioral patterns.

Through an individualized testing at the beginning, we can better understand your needs and develop practical solutions specifically tailored to you.


Module 2

Rowing.How you influence teamwork—and vice versa.

Here, everyone is in the same boat—quite literally. Together, you overcome a distance on Lake Constance and experience pure and intense nature with your team members. Rowing is full of challenges and allows you to discover a lot about yourself and your rowing team. Plus, your body gains energy and oxygen for a successful day of learning.

Mindset and Inner Strength.

Module 3

Mindset and Inner Strength.Facing challenges with confidence.

Gain influence by using your energy and time more efficiently. This module helps you find greater well-being and satisfaction with a model of positive psychology. It also guides you towards greater inner strength to navigate challenging situations. Here, you come closer to realizing your vision of a happy life.


Module 4

Creativity.Discovering and shaping something new.

Creativity can create opportunities where none existed before. In this module, you let go of familiar thought patterns and judgments, creating space for spontaneity. You experience how the unexpected can emerge and how you can rediscover yourself in the process.

Behind the Scenes.

Module 5

Behind the Scenes.Understanding your own behavioral patterns.

You take a look behind the scenes of your behavioral patterns. By actively observing how you act and react, you gain a better understanding of yourself and may even discover new aspects of your personality. This is helpful in recognizing potentially disruptive traits, making positive changes in the long term, and fostering productive situations.

Self Empowerment.

Module 6

Self Empowerment.Consciously, cheerfully, and calmly making decisions.

Your personal attitude has a significant influence on your experiences and whether the past and present connect to your advantage or disadvantage. This module, filled with humor and playful craziness, focuses on joy and lightness. You will experience firsthand the constructive effect of cheerful serenity, empowering you to actively shape and create your personal reality.

Build Your Story.

Module 7

Build Your Story.Your future model with Lego Serious Play®.

Stories are the operating system of our minds. Throughout history, they have been used to convey values, norms, and culture. Lego Serious Play® is a method to build your own story. In this module, you playfully construct a vision of your future, thereby updating your personal narrative.


Supplementary module.

Inspiration.Actively shaping conversations.

Those who are well-informed about socially relevant topics and can deliberately influence conversations have an easier time actively participating in both professional and personal settings. In this module, you will explore techniques for consciously addressing situations and topics, approaching the unknown with curiosity, and sharing influential moments in an inspiring way.

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Schloss Freudenfels.

The ideal retreat to pause—and move forward.

This seminar takes place at our campus Schloss Freudenfels. The ambiance, tranquility, untouched nature high above Lake Constance, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and 4-star hotel accommodations guarantee an inspiring stay and focus.


The campus lies in the middle of nature. Yet it is easily reached from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany.


With its 4-star hotel, this is the ideal place to work on new ideas and concepts and to grow professionally and as a person.

Made for learning.

The campus has the equipment you would expect from a highly modern institution of learning.

Mind, body and nature.

The Liechtenstein Academy pursues a holistic approach, centered around human beings as a whole.

Encounters and exchanges.

Unforgettable experiences create a sense of community and lasting friendships.


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