Exchange with sustainability experts, “first movers” and like-minded people for future-oriented entrepreneurs.

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword. Companies bear a greater share of responsibility than ever before: the importance of the corporate sustainability concept as part of the company culture is becoming an ecological, social and regulatory obligation. If you want to minimise risks and remain competitive, you have to act. But how?


What challenges does our society face and what trends are already being pursued? Climate change as a big bracket for politics and the economy, and CO₂ as its economic unit to which everything relates. What do we need to know about it and what options for action do we have? During the seminar, you will take part in discussions and workshops and receive decisive starting points for the transformation of your own company by means of concrete practical examples and success models. You will also have the opportunity to enrich future seminars with personal inputs, experiences and suggestions for improvement.

Who participates

  • Future-oriented entrepreneurs
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