Leadership, Communication, Appreciation, and Crisis Management.

Inspires people to treat each other with appreciation in everyday life.

As the founder of Change Moments, Stefan Pfister repeatedly surprises complete strangers, and films these actions with a hidden camera, thereby inspiring many.

Stefan Pfister, with a master's degree from the Pedagogical University, is known for creating moments that won't be quickly forgotten. The videos of Change Moments are watched millions of times on social media and always cause a stir on Swiss news portals.

He inspires many to also surprise people in everyday life with appreciation. He conducts seminars, workshops, and lectures for employees, executives, and leisure groups on various topics around Change Moments, Leadership, Communication, Appreciation, and Crisis Management. Moreover, he helps companies to sustainably change the working climate in their company and offers team-building events.

His passion is contagious and refreshing, demonstrating that small deeds in everyday life can have a big impact.