Christian Daniel

Coaching & Training

Master of martial arts, international trainer and coach, and Chi-energy expert.

Christian Daniel Mayer has had a passion for Eastern martial arts since his early childhood. High dedication and decades of experience over four decades shape his actions.

He is the founder of his own martial arts system, has held the title of Master for many years, and has been inducted into the International Hall of Fame. According to his belief, success in every aspect is only possible through the unity of body and mind. True to his teaching: "The mind is the essence for genuine enthusiasm and crucial for inner and outer development!"

As a successful former elite athlete and entrepreneur, he can create synergies between competitive sports performance and business. He inspires participants in personal coaching sessions, seminars, and lectures, and he has the ability to transfer the lived wisdom of Eastern martial arts into everyday life.

Leadership and team-building, self-confidence, mental focus, decisiveness, and effective action are core themes of his work.