Holistic circular economy

Runs a brewery for speciality beers known throughout Switzerland (and beyond).

Aurèle Meyer, originally from the gastronomy sector, moved to Brauerei Locher AG in 2013 and successfully manages the company with a good 150 employees since 2019. He completed a degree in business administration with an additional qualification in "Eurepreneurship" at the HSG in St. Gallen.

The Locher Brewery is a traditional family business in Appenzell. In 1886, the Locher family took over the brewery in Appenzell. Since the mid-1990s, it has developed from a brewery that was only active locally to a brewery for special beers that is known throughout Switzerland (and beyond). The Locher brewery was the first brewery in Switzerland to produce a beer that was awarded the Bio Suisse Knospe label as a quality award ("Appenzeller Naturperle").